YouTube Marketing Proven Seo To Massive Views

youtube marketingYouTube Marketing, you know you need REAL views on your YouTube video. More views, more traffic, more sales

Book Description

Steps that are very quick and easy to implement to get you Youtube views extremely fast. Real views, real people. As your views grow so do your comments and all this activity will push your video up the rankings quickly.

YouTube Marketing – what You Will Learn

I am going to show how to implement each step with the least amount of effort and in some cases how to automate the process to make it even easier and faster. These steps are really easy to do but will have an enormous impact on your views. All you have to do is implement each step as we go along, nothing technical and very simple to achieve.

Who Is This Book For

If you are struggling to get views to your video then this is for you. Traffic is the lifeline of any business, without it you can’t get your product or service in front of potential customers. You can the best offer and sales copy in the world but without traffic all that time and money are wasted

Additional Useful Resources

I also give you links to software to scale up and automate the process, however these methods can be done without any software at all.
You’ve taken time to create your video now get the views it deserves. The difference this book can make to your business is huge, more views equal more sales and that’s a fact.

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Home Based Business: Intro To Internet Marketing

home based businessHome Based Business, Is there still money to be made internet marketing? The answer is a resounding YES

A home based business can seem impossible if you don’t know where to start. Many people just give up before they even start because they’re so overwhelmed, but it doesn’t have to be like this.

Internet Marketing can work for you just as it has for many people across the globe. You just have to have a plan.

My goal is for you is to be able to set up a long term, profitable business easily and without spending a fortune.

A Home based Business, How we are going to achieve this?

The course is split into 5 modules, after each module you will have a task to perform before moving on. This is to keep your progress structured. Each module has simple step by step instructions to follow with plenty of screenshots to help you along the way. Once you have gone through the entire course you will have a long term sustainable set up. All you need to do is drive traffic and the sales will happen automatically.

Module1: Niche selection and market research
Module2: Autoresponder, domain/hosting and website setup
Module3: Creating the free report, squeeze page and thank you page
Module4: Free traffic
Module5: Putting it all into action
List of all the resources you will need.

Bonus Module: Quick Start Action Plan

The quick start plan is to get you moving fast also if some of the terms above are foreign to you? Relax, everything is explained in detail with examples as well.

So are you going to keep hopping from one plan to the next? Rather get my rock solid proven internet marketing plan and finally start making some money.

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Keyword Research Find Killer Keywords and Niches

keyword researchKeyword Research, Do This To Get Traffic AND Sales On Your Website. All the traffic in the world is useless unless it converts to sales, read on.

What you are about to learn is proven information in keyword research. This is THE most important part of making any income online with search engine traffic. Without it you could be doomed to not making one cent with your websites.

After you have gone through the information, you are going to know exactly what keywords to use and how to find a profitable niche market. And I mean buyer keywords, keywords that relate to sales.
. This is not just a general outline of keyword and niche research for business or blogging like you may find in some other books. I walk you step by step through a process that successfully finds highly profitable niches and keywords. If you:

  • Are a complete beginner?
  • Want a step by step guide?
  • Are not sure how to research keywords and niches.
  • Don’t have big money for a guru’s course that will give you the same results
  • Tired of getting it wrong

Then this is the book for you! Keyword and niche research really isn’t that difficult when you know what to look for and the time taken to do this research once you have read this book will be quite short.
The great thing is that it’s really cheap to do as well; in fact it can be done for free.

Think about this!! You spend days or even weeks to create the perfect site but you get no traffic. No Point is there? get the right keywords up front to get traffic as well as buyers.

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Selling Craigslist: Craigslist Plus Fiverr Instant Profits

SELLING CRAIGSLISTSelling Craigslist,  Combine Craigslist with Fiverr For A Super Profitable Income Stream

Book Description

Selling Craigslist, in this report I will cover a method that will help you to get cash into your Paypal account extremely fast. The method combines the power of Fiverr gigs with Craigslist (which just happens to be the biggest classifieds website in the world with over 80 million visitors per month). This is internet marketing made simple, easy and profitable.

You don’t even need to use Craigslist, you can apply this method to any online directory. For example you could advertise your gigs in your local directory.

What You Will Learn

  • Finding a Fiverr Gig That’s Suitable for selling on Craigslist
  • Reviewing the service before we sell it as the middle man, how to make sure your service provider is up to the job
  • Posting our services to Craigslist, what works best
  • How to make sure you look professional and get sales from your ads
  • Outsourcing everything for under $20, where and how

Plus loads more valuable insider tips

Who Is This Book For

If you have been battling to make any money online and are looking for something simple but with fast results, then this is for you. Perfect for beginners, no technical knowledge needed and It’s super easy and fun. The real cool part about this is that you can sell your gigs for massive profit, and I mean huge profits.

Additional Useful Resources

This entire method can be outsourced and scaled up. I am going to show you where to find people to outsource to and how to go about it. Don’t miss out this opportunity to make some fast cash.

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Niche Directory: Create a Niche Business Directory

niche directoryDiscover how to create a super profitable niche business niche directory and recurring passive revenue for life

This is a step by step guide to creating a niche business directory and transforming it into a highly profitable site.
In 1 day, I created and launched the site…
Each week thereafter, I spent minimal effort on it
(less than 5 hours a week)…

And in 3 months, I’m making over $1000/month with my niche directory.

Here is some of what you will get in this guide:

My formula for picking a profitable niche
My methodology for collecting content in minutes
My marketing strategies – learn how to triple sales down the line
Specific, actionable SEO tactics – both on-site and off-site tactics that I’ve learned through trial and error, they work.
My sales strategies – how I quickly find paying customers, how I make the sale, and how I upsell
Example of an actual sales letter I use, which you are welcome to use as well
And a whole lot more

The advantages of a niche directory:

Multiple sales per buyer
Multiple sale/buyers per page
Recurring revenues

This is a very under used internet marketing tactic and is wide open for the smart entrepreneur to exploit. This course takes you through 3 steps, the basics, the marketing strategy and the sales strategy. Each section is laid out with easy to follow steps and links to the resources needed.

If you are looking for a solid and long term internet marketing strategy then this book is for you.This is probably one of the few real passive reoccurring  income systems out there.

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Fiverr How To Create Top Selling Gigs Fast

fiverrFiverr, How to create top selling gigs fast. Turn Your Skills and Talents Into Income



Book Description

Fiverr, how to make money with  and create a viable source of income, without having to spend 12 hours a day at it. I hear a lot of people say Fiverr is too crowded these days and it’s almost impossible to get people to buy your gigs. Let me state here and now, THAT’S RUBBISH.

It’s full of people who don’t know what they’re doing. You cant just put a gig up and expect it to sell, it won’t work. You need a plan, and I have the plan.


Here’s a list of what’s covered:

Introduction to Fiverrr
Why Most Fiver Sellers Quit Shortly After Starting
Getting Started With Fiverr
Creating the Right Gig
Outsourcing, the Key To Fiverr Success
The Gig Ordering Process
Providing Excellent Customer Service
Making Use of Gig Extras

Who Is This Book For

You want simple business model that’s quick and easy to set up then this is for you, no involved technical stuff to learn first.
If you are a beginner at internet marketing then this is perfect for you
If you only have limited time to spend on your marketing then this is for you as the whole process can and should be outsourced.
Yes it will require some work, there is no magic cash button.
We are going to give you the honest facts about building a sustainable business with Fiverr. No dodgy tactics or blackhat stuff, just what you need to do step by step to create a long term business.

Additional Useful Resources

The best place on the planet to outsource to, this is what will really kick your online business into top gear. Once you get the hang of doing this, the next step to outsource. Hire yourself a VA and outsource all the repetitive work. This is going to save you tons of time and give you way more time to focus on growing your business.
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Article Writing: Quality High Ranking Profitable Articles

article writingA simple step by step guide on article writing to producing good quality, high ranking and profitable articles without wasting time and money

Mastering article writing to have high ranking articles in the search results This will help your website to rank higher which leads to more traffic, which leads to more sales.

This guide also contains some important lessons on article writing in the examples. I use these steps every time when writing articles. Once you do it a couple of times, it becomes second nature to produce this kind of high quality content every time.

I have written articles that have ranked for years for the keyword I have chosen. Giving me an endless amount of traffic to profit from. It’s actually quite easy to do, just follow my steps and you’ll have an article written in no time.

I really can’t stress enough how important it is to have decent copy on your site. it’s the difference between making it or making nothing.

We cover the different sections your article should have, what to put in your article and how to tie it all together. This is a short course with easy actionable steps to get you writing articles quickly.

Also, more articles = more traffic. You may also have an article go viral for whatever reason. Then you can expect server crushing traffic.

Use buyer keywords and the traffic will be targeted to your offer.This is so much better than paid for cold traffic that doesn’t convert. Get them on your list, market to them and make money.

Creating high ranking content for your site should be a priority, search engine traffic is free and best of all targeted.

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Backlinks: 10 Extremely Powerful Backlinks Sources



Explode Your Website Traffic Quickly And Easily With This  System

These backlinks help rank sites quickly and effectively ahead of the competition and get page #1 Google results
Book Description

Backlinks, over 60 website examples where you can find these 10 different link types, ranging from PR4-PR9.You also get strategies for each link type that you can use to increase website traffic. All of the strategies are quick and easy to implement.

What You Will Learn

  • What links work best for serious blog traffic
    Where to find these valuable links
    How to generate traffic from these links
    Google recently devalued all of the old favorite back linking types such as web 2.0, article directories, wikis, press releases and so on most people are still using them anyway, no one has diversified. That’s where this book comes it, it will show you some excellent new link types that you can use to strengthen and diversify your link profile.

Who Is This Book For

If you would like better, faster and more long term and sustainable results.
If you have no idea on how to find and build the right links
Need more traffic that is sustainable and lasts
Rank your site quickly and effectively ahead of the competition
Want to get your site to #1 on Google

Additional Useful Resources

A massive list of resources to find Affiliate Networks, Advertising, Article writing and web site content, books, domains, hosting, images and stock photos. The list goes on…..

Everyday more and more are creating new websites/blogs ect. You need to stay ahead of the pack to get the traffic you need.

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Cost Per Action Blueprint Done For You CPA Campaign

cost per action

Cost Per Action Campaign

Done For You CPA Campaign, copy my cpa offer, traffic source, text ad and my follow up email sequence to a winning campaign

Cost per action campaign, all you need to do is copy and paste my campaign and you are good to go. Super simple to set up and you can be making money within an hour or two. Nothing is left out, everything you need to get the campaign set up and running is included.

Once you have gone through the process of setting up your first campaign, you can duplicate it to scale up your earnings. the key is test, test, test till you find what works.

Here’s what you will get from this course:

I give you the best cpa offers to promote
The top traffic source that I am using
Even my exact ad copy that has worked for me and will work for you
I also show you how to set it all up

I also give you access to my email follow up series. You will be able to carry on marketing to your customers to increase your earnings even further.

To end off I show you how how to scale it up and how to promote higher paying campaigns.
It doesn’t get easier than this. A proven tested and profitable cpa campaign that you just need to duplicate.

All you do is copy and paste, that’s it. You will make money, but to really increase your earnings you should analyze your traffic and then fine tune your campaign. Relax, i go into this in the course.

Go get it and start earning some cash.

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Pinterest Business: Make the Most of this Powerhouse

pinterest business

Pinterest Business

I am going to show you how to master a Pinterest business and increase sales. The site gets a tremendous amount of traffic, and these users are known to visit the site regularly and to purchase products and visit websites they see there

What you are about to discover in this book are the tips and tricks to profit massively from this site.

In this guide, you’re going to learn how to make the most of Pinterest for business and how to use it effectively as a marketing tool.

Pinterest for business is a must; the opportunity to increase website traffic with Pinterest is absolutely enormous. More traffic, more leads, more sales.

Many people struggle to understand how to present their brand and products on this network. This is where this book will help you. I give you exact steps to take with screenshots to help you along. Easy for beginners to understand plus you will have my personal email address should you need help.

Below are some of the things we take you through

Quick & Easy Setup
Creating an Optimized Profile
Adding Value to your Profile
Pinning Content
Uploading an Image or Pinning from a URL
Pinning with a Browser Add-On
Re-Pinning Content
Engage For Maximum Traffic
Contests – Huge traffic
Post Pins to Blogs, Forums, Newsletters, Etc
How to Use Video for More Exposure
How to make money with Pinterest
Some excellent resources and loads more

Everything you need to make marketing on Pinterest a viable business is covered. This is a one stop shop for all the info you need to make it happen.

If you’re not on Pinterest you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

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