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Email Marketing Course – Your Blueprint

Email Marketing Course

Why do I need this emailing marketing course?email marketing course

Email marketing course, as an online marketer you have to understand that list building and email marketing are very much hand in hand. Building an opt-in mailing list just isn’t enough. You need to cultivate a relationship – a respected relationship – from your subscribers.

Truth of the matter is: email marketing isn’t really hard once you know the game inside out.

After testing 9.2 million promotion emails blasted out in the last 12 months, I had arrived at more conclusive results which I am indeed very excited to share with you!

While the nature of the subscribers are in the wealth creation / make money industry. You will find that the principles are in common with almost any other rabid niches.

I hope my research and testing will help shortcut your guesswork and improve your email marketing campaigns by leaps and bounds. Whether you blast out time sensitive promo emails or load your autoresponder with interval messages, everything you are about to learn applies all the same.

However please do not treat this as an incentive to get too lazy from testing yourself. I still recommend you do your own testing and create a habit to continuously improve your email promotions.

Does It Still Work?

Even though this course is on email marketing, you need to come to terms with some truths about it. For one, email marketing is not as effective as it used to be. To be more exact, email marketing started to lose the effectiveness it used to have prior to Facebook’s popularity.

As of this time of writing, more Internet users spend more time checking their Facebook and Twitter account daily. Slightly more than half of the global Internet users have a Facebook account. And people aged 20 and below prefer to check their Facebook account rather than emails.  You can say the same for Twitter in spite of its 140 character limitations per direct messaging.

And get this: GMail, one of the leading email providers, had recently implemented the ‘priority markers’ feature allowing their users to mark selected emails as important. This changes the ways people prioritize their emails for reading consumption every time they check their Inbox. And let’s be honest: promotional emails rarely ever reach PRIORITY status!

Then they a smart system that detects and filters spam emails and it gets tweaked frequently, therefore making even legit email marketing harder.

This is just an introduction to the course, it consists of 37 pages of excellent content on email marketing

Feel free to download the entire course here: