How To Make Money With Ebooks: $60 A Day Passively

Earn $60 A Day Passively ….. For Ever

I am going to show you how to make money with Ebooks, you don’t need to be able to write and in fact I’m going to give you a few methods for creating your Ebook quickly and simply.

how to make money with ebooks

So Why Cookbooks
1. People will pay for convenience and learning new ideas. People do not just buy one recipe book; they will buy again and again just to discover a better, healthier, tastier way to cook.
2. Recipes are evergreen.
3. Recipes are main stream. Everyone needs recipes. From moms, dads, single men and women, couples, kids, moms-to-be, grandparents, people with special health conditions etc.
4. Recipe books are easy to produce even if you can cook nothing but instant noodles.

How to make money with eBooks is a genuine passive income system. Once you books are up on KDP you will have sales coming in regularly without having to do much. Imagine logging into your KDP account each day to find you’ve made a couple of sales. It’s awesome!!

You can ramp up sales easily as well. The more books you produce the more you are going to earn. I show you how to re purpose your books so that creating more recipe books becomes super easy

How To Make Money With Ebooks?
Basically do the work once and get paid forever.

here’s what’s covered in the book


  • Selecting a profitable recipe niche
  • Finding profitable Keywords
  • Book Creation, 3 different ways to create your recipe books
  • Images
  • Book cover creation
  • Publishing your book
  • Ramping up sales

I am going to share my tips and tricks with you on the inside to show you that these books don’t need much promotion or reviews to get sales.

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Make Money With Ebooks: $60 A Day Passively, For Ever