Online Marketing 2 Ways To Make $500 In A Weekend!

Online Marketing.

In this report, I’m going to list out two different ways to generate $500 online marketing in a weekend or less . I’ve personally used both of them myself, and I have two friends who’ve used the methods with a lot of success.

Online Marketing

Creating PLR Content Offers

First, a definition…

PLR is private label rights content. When you sell PLR content, you’re licensing others to do whatever they please with the content. That means they can put their name on the content as author, they can add to the content, chop the content up into smaller pieces, sell it, give it away… pretty much anything. (If you want to put any restrictions, you need to list in your license terms.)

Why It Works!!

Marketers love buying PLR content because it saves them time (they don’t have to write it from scratch themselves) and it saves them money (since they don’t have to pay ten times the price for a
ghostwriter). And while it’s true that a marketer has competition because other people have the content, competition really isn’t that big of a factor since they can modify the content as they please.

That’s how your buyers benefit. As for you… it’s quick, easy money! If your skill set includes researching and writing, then this is a good way for you to pick up a few hundred dollars in a very short amount of time.

Here’s how:

First, choose a niche where there’s a lot of demand. Not only should your content be in-demand by the end users (the people who’ll eventually read it), but you also need to find a niche where a lot of marketers are buying PLR content. Typically, this list of in-demand general topics includes:

Internet marketing
Dog training Dog health Health topics
Natural health (e.g., alternative therapies) Weight loss and fitness

However, if you want to find out EXACTLY what’s selling right now, then go to the Warrior Special Offer tracker and run searches for
“PLR,” “articles,” and “private label rights” (and similar). There you can look at how many comments an ad gets, which will give you an idea of how popular the “Special Offer” was. If you see a lot of recent popular offers in one niche, then you may consider creating content in that niche too.

Obviously, the next step is to create your content. You may create a package of 10 to 25 articles. Or you may decide to create a report or ebook. Again, look to the WSO tracker to see what types of content sell best, at what price, and how many licenses they’re selling at that

Next, write a sales page for your content. This is where you tell prospects what they get and the benefits of your PLR content.

Finally, the last step is to get your PLR ad in front of as many people as possible.

Here are the two fastest ways to do it:

1. Put up a Warrior Special Offer.

A Warrior Special Offer (WSO) is a special marketplace section of the Warrior Forum. As I write this, there are over 3000 people logged onto the forum, and over 600 of those folks are looking at the WSOs – and you’ll see these same figures all day long. In other words, this is a big audience!

However, one note…

You can’t just join the forum today and post a WSO. Instead, you need to join and spend at least a few days contributing thoughtfully on the forum. Technically, once you get to 30 posts you’re eligible to run a WSO. But you’ll do better if you spend time building your reputation first.

Once you have your WSO up and running, then move on to the second method…

2. Find Affiliates or Joint Venture Partners.

In theory, you could find an affiliate today who’ll mail his list about your offer within a day or two. And if you find several affiliates who’re able to promote immediately, you could easily pocket $500 – or more!
– very fast.
One way to find affiliates is to go to Google and find marketers who are selling PLR offers… especially those who are selling other people’s PLR offers, since that’s an indication that they’re willing to be an affili- ate.

TIP: To find affiliates, first find a popular PLR offer in your niche by searching for your keywords followed by the term PLR (e.g., “health PLR”). Then search in Google for the product names of the offers you uncover – doing so will reveal all the affiliates who’re openly selling that particular product.

Your next step is to email these marketers and offer them a 50% com- mission on every PLR package they sell for you. It’s a win-win proposi- tion!

Online Marketing, Turning Your Skills Into Cash

If you have skills, others will pay for your services. These includes skills and services such as:

Writing. The Internet is made up of content, which is why writers are in such high demand. If you can write articles, ebooks, reports, ad, sales letters, brochures, and/or other types of pieces like blog posts, there’s probably a job waiting for you.

Design. Whether you can design a logo or an entire website, you can find a freelance design job online.

Programming. Do you know how to create software and scripts? Then there are people who are looking for your skills right now!

And a whole host of other skills and services – just check the
freelancing boards to discover what people are willing to pay for.

Getting started is easy. If you have a specific skill (such as writing reports), you can offer it on the You can even post in the “Warriors for Hire” section, or discount your prices and offer your services in the “Warrior Special Offers” marketplace.

If you’d rather see what’s available, then start bidding on jobs on the popular freelancing sites such as:

Following the Money Offline

Roll up your sleeves – there’s a lot of money to be made very quickly for those who are willing to do the work. Plus, there’s something for everyone. So whether you like doing some physical work or you’d like to get paid to think, there’s something in this list you can do:

Offer Online Marketing to Offline Businesses

Even if you’re not yet a marketing whiz, there’s a good chance you have online marketing skills and services that offline businesses in your area want and need – they just don’t know how to do it! These services include (but are not limited to):

Getting a domain name and hosting. Web design.
Providing content for that blog.
Writing web copy.
Getting an autoresponder up (plus content for the autoresponder messages).
Doing keyword research and creating content around those keywords.
Content marketing.
Social media marketing.
Get the business listed in the local search listings. Set up a pay per click campaign.

And so on.

Go for it, get started now

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