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Successful Internet Entrepreneurs: Join This Group Today

Successful Internet Entrepreneurs

Trying to break into the internet marking scene and joining the ranks of successful internet entrepreneurs  can seem very difficult, and in reality it is very difficult. Most people seem to jump from one scheme to the next without achieving any or very little success.

Well I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Allow me to give you a brief history of my marketing journey. I started in 2011 messing around on the internet and soon got sucked into the make money online game. Two years later I went full time.

The question is, “How did I do it?” The answer is actually incredibly simple.

 After also hopping from one thing to the next, I decided to stick with one plan till it started to make money, and that’s what I did. It worked. I built a few AdSense sites, reworked and tweaked them till they started earning. Later I moved into affiliate marketing, building a list, creating my own products ect.

But there are 2 points I want to make here that contributed to my success online:


  • Stick with whatever method you choose to make money online until you see results. For example, you buy a course; you follow it through to the end and implement everything in the course. You sit back and nothing happens, the promises that were made in the sales letter never happen.


Tweak it, re work it, and put your own spin on it till you see results. Once you see results start the next thing and outsource the grunt work. Get a couple of systems up and running and the next thing you know you are making enough to do what you love full time.


  • Secondly: be prepared to invest some money. Free takes too long and it’s too slow. I’m not saying invest your life savings but you must be prepared to spend some money. I tried doing everything myself and going the free route, it doesn’t work.

Ok, so if you’ve read this far then you’re probably quite serious about making some money online. Go and have a look around my site Brain Box Books, find a course that interests you and DO IT. Join the ranks of  Successful Internet Entrepreneurs. There’s some cool free stuff, marketing courses and general marketing info.

Also feel free to contact me anytime at with any questions you might have.

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